Choosing a Farm Utility Vehicle – Gator vs. ATV

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If you are looking for a perfect utility vehicle for your farm, you can choose either a utility Task Vehicle (UTV) such as the John Deere Gator or an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) also commonly known as a quad.

What is the difference between a Gator or an ATV?

A Gator an All-terrain two-seater utility vehicle typically featuring a box bed, similar in function to a pickup truck. The bed box can also be installed as an electric dump body. The Gator is an ideal form of mobility for getting around to perform everyday tasks with significant suspension, aggressive tires and a low centre of gravity for added stability making it ideal for maneuvering rough terrain.

While the ATV (All-terrain vehicle) is an off road vehicle intended for use as a recreational vehicle, preferably used as a racer which covers rough terrain. Quads do not come with safety equipment such as a roll bar as standard.

gator utility vehicle

While Gators and quads are both popular choices for farmers, Gators do have extra benefits when compared ATV’s.


Benefits of having a Gator for your farm

Below are just some of the benefits associated with using a Gator for your farm



One of the key benefits of the Gator is its safety features and unlike ATV’s the John Deere Gator UTV comfortably & safely seats two people with available space in the bed box for a dog or work tools. Gators upright seats makes them ideal for older passengers or those with mobility issues. These utility vehicles usually have a cab, roll cages and a breaking system which offers twin piston front calipers with larger rotors, and large rear caliper and rotors for superior braking performance.


Easier to steer

The steering also differs between the ATV & UTV. On an ATV, a rider steers using a handlebar system. UTV drivers steers using a steering wheel similar to that of a truck or a car.

john deere gator steering wheel


Customised accessories 

With regard to accessories. There are many to choose from for the Gator, over a 100 in total which allows owners to customize the Gator to meet their own specific needs. Some specifics include cab kits, speciality HID and LED lighting, stereo systems and even in-cab heaters.


Overall, the UTV's offer safety and more customisation when compared to ATV's. We stock a range of used John Deere Gators and Kubota RTV's in our showroom. We offer worldwide delivery on all our utility vehicles. If you have particular requirements, we can source the right farm utility vehicle for you. Contact us today on 0872423738 for a quotation for any of our UTV's currently in stock.

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