Guide To Importing a Tractor From The UK To Ireland

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If you are planning on importing a tractor from the UK to Ireland there are a few things that you must be aware of. All vehicles including tractors that are brought into Ireland are subject to VRT (Vehicle Registration Tax) and you must be registered so you can be licenced for road tax purposes. If you delay in paying your tax or registering your vehicle you may be liable to prosecution or the loss of your vehicle.

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Pre-registration Inspection

Like a car, a tractor when brought into Ireland is obliged to undergo a pre-registration inspection. This must be done at an NCT Centre. In order to register your vehicle, you must book an appointment with the NCTS within 7 working days on the entry of the vehicle into Ireland, in order to have a pre-registration examination of the vehicle. The registration process must be completed and you must pay the VRT at the NCTS centre within 30 days of the arrival of the vehicle into the country.

If you do not register your vehicle within the requested time frame the Commissioners are permitted to raise an additional charge (Section 62 of Finance Act (No 2) 2008). You can make an appointment to register your vehicle here at the NCTS centre.


What documents are needed to register?

Along with proof of identity i.e. passport, driving licence etc. there is quite a few documents that are required in order to register including:

  • Vehicle Identity Documentation
  • Owners Address and Name Declaration
  • Invoice from the date of purchase of the vehicle
  • A VRT Vehicle Purchase Declaration Form
  • P60 which includes your PPS number and so on
  • Satisfactory evidence of when the vehicle arrived in the country
  • Documentation confirming the level of CO2 emissions of the vehicle at the time of manufacture (as approved by the Revenue Commissioners).

All of the above documents are required for old, new and vintage vehicles.

Please note: if there is any type of delay submitting any of the relevant documentation this may result in you exceeding the 30-day limit to have the vehicle registered and additional charges will apply.


VRT For UK imported tractors to Ireland

Tractors are Revenue Category C vehicles and categorised as T1 - T5 EU category. For this class of vehicle, the VRT rate is €200.


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VRT For UK imported tractors to Ireland

Tractors are Revenue Category C vehicles and categorised as T1 - T5 EU category. For this class of vehicle, the VRT rate is €200.

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