Now is the Time to Buy Irish Machinery

on Monday, 13 April 2015. Posted in UK, Eamonn Tinney News

If you are thinking of importing machinery from Ireland to Northern Ireland or the UK, now is the time to do it while the Euro is weak. 

Get extra value

If you are a UK a farmer or building contractor, you can get better value from buying new or used farm or construction plant in Ireland as Sterling currency is so strong against the euro.

Eamonn Tinney Agri Sales offer a hassle free importation service on plant and machinery. We also accept Euro and Sterling cash, allowing those who are importing from the UK/NI to benefit from the weak Euro.

All plant and machinery for sale from Eamonn Tinney Agri Sales can be delivered by our team throughout Ireland, UK, NI and Worldwide.


2006 John Deere 6320P

Hassle Free Imports & Exports

We aim to take the hassle out of importing and exporting plant and machinery by doing the following:

  • We inspect all machinery to ensure that it is fit for purpose before delivery.
  • Where neccessary, we will carry our repairs on plant and machinery.
  • We handle VRT, VAT and additional paperwork associated with importing construction machinery and tractors.

Click here to find out about importing machinery

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