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Revised Legislation For Agricultural Vehicles Has Now Come In To Effect

on Tuesday, 05 April 2016. Posted in Eamonn Tinney News, Agriculture

New legislation on revised regulations for agricultural vehicles, mainly tractors came in to effect on 1st January 2016.

A summary of the revised legislation is as follows:


Legislation for agri vehicles



More powerful braking systems will be required for agricultural vehicles operating at speeds in excess of 40km/h, must be fitted with safe and efficient braking systems to address the potentially serious road safety risks associated with using “under braked” trailed equipment on public roads, i.e. premature tractor brake wear or failure leading to the possibility of jack-knifing. 


Lighting & Visibility

Agricultural vehicles will need to be equipped with appropriate lighting systems, flashing amber beacons and reflective markings. 


Weights, Dimensions & Coupling

New national weight limits are being introduced. These will enable tractor and trailer combinations which are unplated to continue in use at limits which are safe for such vehicles, i.e. combinations of agricultural tractors and trailers, where either of them is unplated, will have their maximum towable mass capped at 3 times the tractor’s unladen weight.


Plating & Speed Rating

Trailers operating at weights exceeding 19 tonnes or at speeds exceeding 40 km/h will require fitment of both an authorisation (i.e. a national weights and dimensions plate) and a speed disc.

If you are unsure as to whether your vehicle or vehicles comply with these revised standards a comprehensive booklet entitled “Revised Standards for Agricultural Vehicles” has been prepared which contains practical advice, and tips on achieving compliance with the revised standards.



Those who breech the revised regulations could face a direct summons to court whereby on conviction, courts may impose a class C fine (up to €2,500), an offender could also face a prison sentence along with a fine. According to the RSA the fine and prison sentence can be imposed on both the person who commits the offence and the owner of the vehicle.


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