Trailer Road Traffic Regulations Explained

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Many trailer owners find the licencing and laws for trailers use confusing and complicated and there are many drivers out there towing trailers without being aware of trailer regulations. We will help our readers gain a better understanding of these regulations by answering the following questions.



Do I need a separate licence to tow a trailer?

No, if you have a standard category B driving licence you are authorised to drive a trailer and load that weighs more than 750kg as long as the combined weight of your vehicle, trailer and load do not exceed 3,500kg.


Can I tow a horsebox with a category B licence?

No, according to the Road Safety Authority (RSA) a category B licence holder is not permitted to tow a livestock trailer or horsebox, this is because the combined weight would exceed the 3,500kg limit. It is important for B category licenced drivers that drive large SUV`s are careful, as these heavier vehicles can easily push the weight over the 3,500kg limit. This will require you to have a category BE licence.


What if I don’t have a BE licence?

You must have a full B licence to gain a category BE licence, you will be required to take a practical driving test and to get a learners permit. You must also sit a theory test in category B which you must pass before you can apply for your BE learner permit. You are also advised by the RSA to get lessons with an approved driving instructor who will help you prepare for the practical driving test. You also are required to display an L plate on your trailer when out practicing along with BE licenced holder.


What weight will a BE licence allow me to tow?

A holder of a BE licence is allowed to tow a combined weight of 7,000kg which includes, vehicle, trailer and load. A BE licence holder is permitted to tow a car but a B licence holder cannot.


Does my need an NCT test?

A the moment you are not required to take a NCT test however you must abide by the RSA regulations and make sure that your trailer is road worthy.

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