Official Irish Agents of KUHN Farm Machinery

We order and deliver KUHN machinery throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe. Farm machinery on offer includes KUHN mowers, wrappers, spreaders, sprayers and tillage plant.

To receive a quotation for KUHN farm machinery simply call our office on +35374 9129317

Are You Looking For KUHN Farm Machinery?

KUHN Group offers a range of market leading agricultural machinery for all aspects of farming, including silage making, ploughing, reseeding, spraying and animal feeding. As official North West agents, we supply the full range of Kuhn products nationwide, to Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom. We also supply parts and provide a full back up service for all Kuhn Plant.

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Front Mounted Disc Mowers                                                                                             Kuhn Font Mounted Disc Mowers

We offer the following Front Mounted Disc Mowers :

  • GMD 280 F
  • GMD 2820 F COMPACT
  • GMD 310 F
  • GMD 3210 F COMPACT
  • GMD 3125 F
  • GMD 3525 F
  • GMD 702 F
  • GMD 802 F 

Select Range Disc Mowers

KUHN's wide range of disc mowers offers exemplary mowing quality, we offer the following range of disc mowers:                               Select Range Disc Mowers kuhn

  • GMD 16
  • GMD 20
  • GMD 24
  • GMD 28



Trailed Disc Mowers

These KUHN trailed disc mowers provide easier tractor attachment as well as contour following and cutter bar flotation in comparison to the fully mounted models.

We offer the following range:                                                                    Kuhn Trailed Disc Mowers                                                                                                                                                  

  • GMD 2850 TL
  • GMD 3150 TL
  • GMD 2550 TL
  • GMD 4050 TL
  • GMD 5251 TC


 Triple Gang Disc Mowers

We offer the following range of Triple Gang Disc Mowers:                  Kuhn Triple Gang Disc Mowers

  • GMD 10030
  • GMD 9530
  • GMD 8730



Horizontal Fold Disc Mowers

KUHN are the inventors and leading innovators of disc-cutting technology, we offer the following Horizontal Fold Disc Mowers:     Kuhn Horizontal Fold Disc Mowers Ireland

  • GMD 2811
  • GMD 3111
  • GMD 3511
  • GMD 4011
  • GMD 4411


Vertical Fold Disc Mowers        

We offer the following range of KUHN GMD vertically folding mowers:                                     vertical fold disc mowers Ireland

  •  GMD 240
  •  GMD 280
  •  GMD 310
  •  GMD 350



Front Mounted Drum Mowers  

   Increase working speeds and efficiency with KUHN's Front Mounted Drum Mowers. We offer the following range:Front mounted drum mowers

  • PZ 270 F
  • PZ 281 F
  • PZ 300 F
  • PZ 321 F



Triple Drum Mowers                                                                                                                                                            Kuhn triple drum mowers Ireland

KUHN's range of Triple Drum Mowers offer exemplary mowing quality, we offer the following range:

  • PZ 960




Mounted Drum Mowers      

KUHN's Mounted Drum Mowers are as economical and reliable as the big KUHN Mowers, we offer the following range:                                              Kuhn Mounted Drum Mowers Ireland

  • PZ 170
  • PZ 190
  • PZ 220
  • PZ 270
  • PZ 280
  • PZ 300
  • PZ 320

 Mounted Disc Mower Conditioners                                                    mounted disc mower conditioners

 KUHN’s mounted disc mower-conditioners help to reduce drying time by incorporating rollers and flexible flail fingers,

 We offer the following range:

  • FC 244
  • FC 284
  • FC 314

 Front Mounted Disc Mower Conditioners                                           front mounted disc mower conditions Ireland

 We offer the following range of KUHN disc mower conditions:

  • FC 280 F
  • FC 3125 F
  • FC 3525 F


Centre Pivot Disc Mower Conditioner                                                                                                                                                                                       centre pivot disc mower conditioner

KUHN'S Center pivot mower conditionerS offers fast, clean mowing of heavy grasses, crops and foliage, we offer the following range:

  • FC 3160 TC
  • FC 3560 TC
  • FC 4060 TC
  • FC 4460 TC


Side Pull Disc Mower Conditioner                                                                                                         side pull disc mower conditioner ireland                                                                                               

We have the following range of KUHN Side Disc Mower Conditioners:

  • FC 302 G/RG
  • FC 352 G/RG
  • FC 2860 TL
  • FC 3160 TL
  • FC 3560 TL

 Triple Gang Disc Mower Conditioners                                                                  triple gang disc mower conditions

 We offer the following range of Triple Gang Disc Mower Conditioners:

  • FC 100030 D
  • FC 8830 D
  • FC 9530 D
  • FC 813
  • FC 883 RA


Mounted Drum Mower Conditions         kuhn mounted drum mower conditioners

We have the following KUHN PZ 320 C range for sale. 





Front - Mounted Drum Mower Conditioner                                                                          front mounted drum mower conditioners ireland

We the following KUHN  PZ 320 FC Front-Mounted Drum Mower Conditioner for sale. 




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